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Find A Person Without Leaving Home

It is easy to find a person yourself

It is easy to find a person without having to hire a professional. There are no guarantees that you will be successful, but this site will give you the basics to try a search on your own. If you don’t succeed, you can always hire an investigator.

With all the resources available online and a little bit of knowledge, you will easily tip the odds in your favor. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to find a lost loved one, an old friend you have lost touch with, a birth parent or adoptee or even someone who owes you money and skipped town, you can use the information and resources on this site to make your search successful.

Good luck to you and read on to get started!

Take the Steps

Making the decision is Step 1

Every journey starts with the first step. When you are looking for a lost loved one, birth parent/adoptee search or someone who owes you money and has skipped town, the first step is to make the decision to search.

Making the decision to find a person can be very emotional and can have repercussions for your life and theirs.

In Step 2 you will plan your strategy.

Make your search fit into your life. You can choose to do your search primarily through the mail, visit the places you think the subject has been or do an internet search with the many public records that are available online.

Choosing records is Step 3

Your subject has left a paper trail. Records are the best tool to help you find people. Birth, death and marriage records are only the beginning. From city to federal records, there will be a trail you can follow to your subject.

Step 4 – Begin your search

Put it all together and combine your strategy with the records and use the resources in step 4 to begin your search. We provide Sample letters, links to the addresses of government offices who might have the records you need and great online resources for locating these same records very quickly.

One note here, we are not responsible for the outcome of your search, only for giving you many of the resources you need. Please use this information wisely and for the betterment of yourself and others. You are ready to find a person without leaving home, select step 1 from the menu on the right and begin your journey.

Every Search Begins With A Decision Why would you Search?

What is your reason for making the decision to find a person? Adoption, separation, old friend, someone owes you money and has skipped town. What are your feelings?

Are your feelings positive or negative? Either type can be strong incentive to make the decision to search. What will happen when the search is over? When you make the decision to search you need to ask yourself these questions:

What if I decide to search and I can’t find the person? What if he/she does not want to see me if I do find them? What if he/she is deceased? I am angry that he/she left me, what if I cannot control that anger? What will be the effect this person will have on my family if I do find them? What will be the effect of the search on my personal life if I make the decision to do this search? What if I find him/her and they are not the kind of person I was hoping they would be? These issues and many others need to be given serious consideration.

Also be aware that your feelings will change during the course of your search. Ask for help Talk to your family, friends, clergy or any other person you trust to give you good advice. Some people hire an investigator to also act as a buffer between them and their subject.

If this buffer is needed and you still want to do the search yourself, it is ok to ask an unbiased friend or family member to make the initial contact. They will be less emotionally attached to the outcome and more likely to provide you with the information you need to decide if you want to go ahead and make personal contact.

Be prepared for many possible outcomes There are the many possible outcomes of this decision to search, and not all of them are going to be happy endings. Your subject may be deceased, may not want contact or you may never find him or her. Expect an emotional roller coaster and make your decision with your head and your heart.

Getting Your Attitude In The Right Place The right attitude will keep you positive and focused. When you are trying to find a person, there will be dead ends and false starts. Sometimes there is no support from family members and you might feel alone. This makes it more difficult to stay positive.

Ten vital attitude factors

1. Enthusiasm- having a positive attitude will go a long way toward facilitating your search. Surround yourself with as many positive people as you can.

2. Patience- you will need to be able to deal with frustration and negative people. Patience is a virtue in these situations, especially when you deal with bureaucrats.

3. Dedication- it is important to dedicate yourself to seeing it all the way through, no matter what the outcome. Even if you don’t find the person, you will know you did everything you could.

4. Discipline-commit to being disciplined in your work. You will only have to answer to yourself, so self discipline is necessary to finishing your quest.

5. Be open to suggestion-it may be tempting to insulate yourself from outside influence, but that would be a mistake. Being too emotionally attached may make you miss something obvious. Stay open to suggestion and willing to share your search with others.

6. Perseverance-Some people will not want to talk to you and you will need to persevere. This does not mean to be intrusive or confrontational; it means that if you find someone blocking you, you will need to keep looking for a way around that block.

7. Picture yourself succeeding-this will keep you encouraged and will make it easier to stay on track.

8. Trust your common sense-if you feel you are being misled or should follow a certain trail because it makes the most sense to you, then trust that.

9. Commitment even when you are not getting results-sometimes you have to back up, go another route or just keep pushing.

10. Acceptance of the results when you succeed-these may be negative or positive but they will be your results and you will need to accept them either way. Making peace with whatever happens is essential.

The right attitude goes a long way to ensuring you have a successful search.

Getting Started And What Expenses To Expect

It is not possible to conduct a search without some expenses.

Postal search

A search done through the mail will require stamps, envelopes, paper and copies. This can be one the least expensive but slowest type of search. Most agencies charge fees and the more you contact, the larger your expenses.

You will need: a ream of paper, envelopes, stamps, meter-stamped postcards, 2 legal pads, and a highlighter. If you don’t have a photocopier/ printer, you will have to pay for photocopying and you will spend some money for gas in local travel.

Internet search

Internet records searches can be fastest and least expensive types. Many search sites allow you to search multiple types of records for one fee.



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