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5 Reasons to Find Your Old Friends and Be Reconnected

As we grow older, the number of people who are close to us and who really know us and care for us diminishes. And oftentimes, when we want to talk with or relate to someone else, we are hindered from doing so because we no longer know where they are or how to get in touch with them.

Allow me to illustrate, when you were in junior high, how many friends can you name who actually know you? There would be quite a number. Even if you were not so popular, still there are people who would at least know your name and to whose face it would be applicable to. But fast forward to 10, 15 or even twenty years and your circle of friends simply seems to fade away unless you take on good simple steps to reverse the pattern.

Now why would anyone want to reconnect? There are several reasons and a few of them are:

Rekindle Old Friendships and Relationships. You may simply want to know where your old friends are now, get in touch with them and explore, whether they are willing to revive your old friendships. Sure, there is a risk of rejection, for your initial contact may be ignored altogether but on the other hand, it could also open up a social support system for you. Who knows what the outcomes might be?

Create Professional or Business Linkages. Whether you are currently looking for work or for opportunities to earn extra income, are currently a provider of services, or an employer seeing a familiar name put as reference on a resume, you stand to gain from being linked again to your old friends or colleagues who may be able to help you.

Resolve Hurts and Issues of the Past. There are studies that show that those who are able to resolve issues of their past are also better able to recover from sicknesses and are more capable to keep healthy relationships. Are you still hurting from an offense done to you from 20 years back? Or are you the one who humiliated someone else and somehow you never got to apologize? Now that you are more mature about life in general, you can make amends. If you are neither one of the above, perhaps you can serve as a peacemaker and peacekeeper between common friends who are now in conflict with each other. Either way, please do consider it sometime during your lifetime. I believe it is worth a try.

Pay It Forward with Good Deeds. Have you been blessed with plenty of resources? Do you have skills you can share to someone else? Was there someone in the good old days that helped you in whatever capacity? We as human beings have an amazing capacity to accomplish whatever it is we put our mind to. When we channel our energies to help others, we are not only enriched by the experience, we are also blessed. That feeling of well-being that comes after doing a good deed is simply too good to pass up on. Try to include old friends in your good deeds and you are sure to have a lot of good things that will come your way.

Organize Reunions or Other Special Events. How long has it been since you graduated from high school? Perhaps your alma mater has tapped you to help out in getting your class together again. Or perhaps you are choosing to organize yourselves for special project such as a fund raiser. Reviving your old connections, no matter where ever else in the world they might be right now just might give your efforts a boost.

There are tools available on the internet that offer free people searches.


Do you "reluctantly" trust a stranger to watch your children?

Are you hesitant to date someone you know nothing about?

Do you suspect infidelity (spouse or significant other)?

Do you wish to dismiss suspicions about your neighbors?

Is your job candidate telling the truth?

Do you want to know the truth about a potential renter or credit customer of yours?

Is anyone withholding information that could potentially harm you?

Do you need to make any other kind of background checks?

So there’s someone you know whom you have lost contact with. Now, you want to find him for whatever reason. How do you free find missing people?

Most people would advise you to hire a private investigator to do the job for you. But private investigators cost money. What are your alternatives? Here you will learn a few techniques on how to free find missing people.

Finding People

When looking for people, the one thing you need to keep in mind is that people are generally creatures of habit. While some may be willing to give up their names and old addresses, most would still prefer to keep who they are.

Character and personality are two of the things that you can’t change. A sports-minded person would want to visit the gym. A tennis player would want to play ball.

So if you are looking for someone with a peculiar habit, chances are you’re going to find him or her exactly where you expect him or her to be, considering what you already know about his or her habits.

Problem is you won’t know exactly where to look if you don’t have at least some idea in which city or state the person is. Here’s how you find out:

Skip Tracing

This is one of the simplest methods to free find missing people. It’s a lot simpler now that the Internet is around.

First thing you need to do is to call up or send a letter to whatever phone number and address you have handy. Most of the time, the person you are trying to look for is not really hiding. Probably he just wanted to skip town and left traces for any discerning person to pick up.

If you do send a letter, make sure you ask the post office for an “address correction.” You will need to pay extra but you’ll find that it’s worth it because the post office will then return a card to you, together with any forwarding address they have on file for the person.

Phone Pretexts

Another simple method to free find missing people is phone pretext. This works if you have the person’s old phone number or know someone who can give it to you. Once you have the phone number in hand, call it up. Ask for the one you’re looking for when someone comes on the line. If the subject is not there, ask for any information.

You can start with a simple line like: “Hi, this is John. I’m a friend of David’s. Do you know where I can find him?” People are usually willing to help, but be prepared for a question or two.



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