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A Better Way to Find People

I suspect that’s what makes people searching so hot. As many as half a million times a month, someone searches on Google alone, looking for a way to find a lost person. Whether it’s someone from the past with whom we’ve lost touch, or someone we met last weekend and yearn to see again, were always searching for others.

Unfortunately, most general searches fail. Just like Googling failed for my sister-in-law. The information is out there, somewhere. But being forced to sift through so many unrelated results makes it nearly impossible.

That’s why I recommended she use a people search service – sometimes they’re called Internet Detective services. They pull all the information spread across thousands of servers and combine it into people-specific search databases. Then when you drop in a name or an address or a phone number, whatever bit of information you have, you get instant gratification. Up pops the latest scoop about your person.

Thats totally unlike the cold mechanical response a Google or Yahoo gives:

Results 1 – 10 of about 55,100,000 for joe smith. (0.06 seconds)

You can almost hear the search engine yawn.

By the way – most searchers don’t know this – search engine results don’t actually extend beyond about a thousand entries. Even when the search engine results page says they found millions and millions of hits, they don’t actually bother to dig it up and give you access to all of it. They’re really just estimating from their own database tables. Even they know it’s a waste of time.

Yawn, yawn, yawn

On the other hand, it’s exciting when you do a person search on a dedicated database. You find what you’re looking for in seconds. Plus, you not only get current information, often you get historical data too. You find not only where the person is now but also where they lived or worked before that and before that and before that.

You can sort of see your old friend’s life laid bare. (Now what in heaven’s name was George doing in Poughkeepsie, New York, in winter. He always hated the cold)

Sometime you find a person’s life didn’t turn out the way you’d have thought. That’s when the Criminal Check part of the service can help you find out what prison they ended up in!

When You Choose a Personal Search Service, Here’s What to Look For

If you decide to try out a personal search database, here are the things I’ve found important to consider during a review

1. Free versus Paid

I’ve been disappointed by the free services. Their main concern seems to be to try and get you to click on some of the pay-per-click ads they’re displaying – so they can make a little money.

2. Speed

You want a service that responds quickly. Make sure you try it out. A fun test is to do a search on yourself. You get to check speed and accuracy!

3. Proprietary Database

If a service compiles their own database, they must be fairly successful. It’s costly to build and maintain. Such well-funded providers are much more likely to stay around. From a usability standpoint, it’s better too. You get a single interface that you can quickly learn.

And I’ve never seen a free service that has its own database. Most of the free services I’ve checked out are really just link farms – they just point you at some public or government database.

4. Training and Support

Be sure you can easily learn to use any service you choose. Actually, you’ll find the better services are intuitive – how to search will make sense as soon as you look at it. But better services will also provide extra, in-depth searching. If you ever need the extra, it might require you dig into it a bit before you can fully use it. Just make sure your service has easy, accessible ways to learn, like tutorials.

And don’t ignore support. Sooner or later you’ll have questions or there will be something you need help to get resolved. It’s best if they offer free, live support.

Final Word

Join the millions using the web to track down old friends and new friends. But make it easier on yourself by using a People Search service rather than a general search engine. Have fun finding out exactly what did become of your old friend (or even your old, not-so-friendly ex)

So there is someone you know and you really want to find some way to get in contact with him or her. You only have his name or his phone number. How do you find out more about this person?

With today’s Internet technology, the ways to find out people are practically countless. Everything is made much more convenient. A few words typed here and a mouse-click there and you get results fast.

However, despite all this technology around, why is it that many of us are still finding it hard to find out about people? Why is it so difficult to get the results you want? One of the main reasons could be that we are not taking full advantage of all that technology has to offer. There is something that we are not doing quite right, or we’re not using all the resources available to us.

In this article, we will discuss a few tricks on how to find out about people and get more accurate results using the same technology we’ve always been using.

Write it down.

This is a basic step in research. When you want to find out about people or about something, you always write down what you already know. That way, you’ll have some clue on where exactly you ought to start your search.

Moreover, the process of writing down what you know about a certain subject is an exercise for the brain to recall more. Thus, what you thought was unknown to you, such as an old phone number, might actually be a memory that you just never bothered to dig up.

Another advantage to writing down what you know is so that you can keep track of everything you have ever found out so far. This way, you can keep everything organized, making it easier for you to conduct a proper search in order to find out about people.

Visit White Pages

One of the first places to go to when trying to find out about people is the white pages. There are many of these around and most of them keep comprehensive databases of up to date information about people from all over the world.

To start using, just enter whatever information you may have about the person – a name, phone number, address, email address, or even profession – in the appropriate box and hit the SEARCH button. In order to get better results, it helps if you also put there additional information, such as the city or state where the person might be located and the like.

Remember that when you conduct a search to find out about people, the more information you already have in hand the more successful your search is going to be.



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