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To find people by phone number is probably the easiest way to conduct a people search. Due to the growing number of online phone directories and white pages that maintain huge databases of phone number listings, the job of looking for people with little more than a phone number, even an old one that is probably no longer in use, is made so much easier.

Where do these online phonebooks get their listings?

Most online phonebook sites get their information from public telephone directories, the kind that is freely distributed by phone companies. However, these public telephone directories only yield so much information. They do not contain unlisted phone numbers or email addresses, for instance.

Sometimes, people change their phone numbers fairly quickly and the telephone directories are not equipped to adapt to the change in the most expedient manner. So online phonebooks have need of alternative sources for their listings. This is where paid companies come in.

There are many online phonebook sites that pay phone companies, direct marketing companies, and in some cases, the subject himself, in order to create their comprehensive database of phone number listings for you to use.

You, for instance, may want to register to an online white pages directory in case someone you know may want to find you. When you register, you will be asked to give out certain information – like your phone number and email address. Of course, if you do not want others to see your information, you may also opt to hide those and only allow authorized people to access it.

In this manner, online phonebook sites are able to come up with comprehensive listings that you can use when you want to find people by phone number.

Reverse Searches

When trying to find people by hone number, the most common method used is something called a “reverse search.” It’s called “reverse” because instead of searching for people the normal way – that is, entering their names in a searchbox and hitting SEARCH – you search for people’s names with the use of other information which you do have.

In your case, since you are trying to find people by phone number, what you have is only a phone number – partial or otherwise. When using a reverse search tool, all you have to do is enter the phone number in the searchbox and hitting the SEARCH button. A list of people’s names that match the phone number you entered will come up.

Now, it’s highly unlikely that two people would have the same set of phone numbers, so chances are the results are more often accurate. And if you find that you still need to narrow the search down, you can also do a reverse phone number search by city or state.



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